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Review aggregator

According to different studies, around 66% of customers will look for feedback on the Internet before making a decision.
Especially when there’s the case of higher expenses, it is worthwhile to use multiple sources in order to create a clear picture for your customers. Yably collects customer feedback from a variety of different sources, and displays them on your profile, so clients will get a better overview of your business.

Reputation & Review Monitoring Across Multiple Platforms

Customer reviews are becoming more and more important these days. According to a study made by Bitkom- the Digital Association of Germany- for online purchases, customer reviews are the most important decision criterion for consumers. This puts online ratings on the first place! Around 85% of customers trusts online reviews to the same extent as referrals from friends and family. Online ratings serve as a connector/link between customers and potential clients, ,based on the idea that what many people liked, is probably not bad. Companies that do not provide feedback online, however, are increasingly dubious, seem frivolous and have less chances than their competitors.

Google 5 Star Ratings

Get review stars in Yably and Google organic search results and boots traffic to your website. Google 5-star rating & reviews play a crucial role in business selection. Besides the reviews written online, star ratings are also assigned to businesses that enable customers to easily determine the quality of service or product a business offers. This star-rating, which ranges from 1-star to 5-star, can reflect on your business positively and attract more prospects to your business, especially if you have a 5-star rating.

Review Badge

The Yably Rating Badge can be easily integrated into your own website by using a widget. This allows potential clients to see the average of customer feedback directly on your website. The bounce rate decreases. We offer different variations of the widget and our rating badge, so you can choose the optimal option for your website.

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