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About Us

What makes us different from others?

Yably is more than a review website. We don’t just help customers find out if a product or service is up to their standards. We also support companies and service providers to benefit from customer reviews to generate trust and gain insight into the quality of what they do and how satisfied their customers are.

Yably displays and collects aggregated reviews and ratings from different platforms to make it easier for consumers to compare merchants and service providers based on the experience of other customers.

Our rating and review system


Yably is an online platform where users can write and read reviews about companies from different categories. We aggregate reviews and rating from various sources, process this data and calculate an overall rating score to make it easier for consumers to compare merchants and service providers based on the experience of other customers.

This overall rating score is calculated using reviews and ratings from third-party sources and users registered on Cylex and Yably.

Yably’s ratings and reviews help you find the best local service providers, top locksmiths, hairdressers, mechanics, plumbers, doctors and many more. But that’s just a glimpse into our list. We have ratings and reviews about companies from more than 1000 business categories.

Users who are part of our Yably community are real people looking for trusted companies and quality services.

How Yably works

We make sure everything remains simple, honest and transparent. Therefore, to write a review on Yably, it is necessary to register or log in with using an e-mail or your social account (Facebook, Google). That’s how we can establish that the reviews come from trusted sources and not from anonymous users.


Since there are two sides of the same coin, companies can respond to reviews, to ensure the users get all the information they need before making a decision.


By having a business online, you can’t stop people from writing reviews. Based on our experience with other businesses and users, the only thing you can do is to deal with them. Promptly responding to negative reviews shows the customers that you care and value their opinion. It may also be the catalyst that results in a person who had an unpleasant experience with your business, giving you a second chance.


No one enjoys negative reviews, but they are a fact of life in the digital age. Don’t let a few critical or even unreasonable reviews stress you out. Rather, respond as calmly as possible, listen to constructive criticism and do everything you can to accumulate more positive reviews.