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For companies

"Do you want to create a company profile on Yably, but have a few questions? Or maybe you already have a profile and you're still unclear? Then simply check the list below to see if your question is already there, and get a quick answer. If you couldn't find it or the answer is not 100% clear, then feel free to contact us, our support team is happy to help!"

What is the Review aggregation?

The "Review aggregation" feature collects and presents reviews from different sources on your Yably profile. Ratings from other sites are collected and an average grade is calculated and displayed.

What is Yably Rating Badge?

Your Yably rating badge is a graphic feature that can be embedded via HTML code, for example, on your official website. A click on the badge will open your Yably profile in a new browser tab. The rating badge allows the visitors on your page to see that your customers are satisfied with you and that you're doing a great job.

For which companies is the Rating Badge suitable?

Since no online transaction is required to submit a rating, the badge is not only suitable for online stores, but also for service providers.

Can the badge and the widget be implemented on any website?

In general, yes.

"How can I get the rating badge and the widget?"

When you register on Yably and create a profile page, the HTML codes will be provided, both for the rating badge and the widget. Select the option you want and we will generate the HTML code for you. Copy the displayed code and paste it into your webpage. If you need assistance, our support team is there to answer your questions and offer solutions.

"How do I integrate the badge and the widget?"

For non-IT staff, ready-made solutions are available, which will fix the badge or the widget on the right or the bottom of the page. But of course, you can place it anywhere you want.

Which external rating sources can I add?

In principle, all portals that have a visible rating average and a visible total number of ratings can be integrated. In some cases, however, certain sources can't be added. If that happens, we will inform you as soon as possible!

When will the widget show my ratings?

Once the first rating has been received through the Yably rating system and published, the widget will also display it.

How am I protected from fake reviews?

To protect you from fake reviews, Yably uses the so-called Double-Opt-In method, where the e-mail address given by the evaluator has to be confirmed, in a separate e-mail.

How does the Google 5 Star Ratings work?

The overall score of your ratings can also be displayed as Google 5 Star Rating for your own website. Basically, Google will display the rating data of your profile (overall rating, star rating, average score) in the live search results for your page. To link your site to Google 5 Star Rating, we provide you with a Rich Snippet that you can implement in your website code. If you need further assistance, our support team is here to help you with answers and solutions.

For Consumers

"On Yably it's easy to evaluate companies. Wether it's using a service or buying a product. Rate services and stores to help others make the right decision. If you encounter any problems, the list below might help you, but if it doesn't, feel free to contact us"

Do I have to register to post a review?

Yes. We want to ensure there will be no fake reviews, and for that reason you have to register before writing and submitting a review

How can I submitt my review?

Select the appropriate number of stars, one star meaning "poor", or "bad", five stars meaning "very good". Then, write a suitable title and a detailed desciption of your experience with the company. In order for the provider to be sure that it is a real customer and a genuine rating, you must enter your e-mail address and confirm it later. Now select the name under which you want the review to be displayed. The rating will be published by clicking on the Link you received in a confirmation e-mail.

What can I review?

The Yably rating system is used to rate the experience you had with a store or with a service provider, therefore,it is not intended for individual product reviews.

When will my review be posted?

In general, the review is published after 1 to 7 days.

Can I change a review that's already been submitted?

At present, for various reasons, it is not possible to subsequently edit a review.